Saturday, July 18, 2009

It's one and I'm on drugs. Well, cough meds, but still.

Once upon a time, in a land commonly referred to as Jersey, there lived a young lady named Shaquanda. Also living in the land at this time was a young man named Barton, but that is unimportant. One morning, Shaquanda woke up to the shrill shrieking of her Grandmother, so she awoke and began attending to her. Cleaning her diaper, feeding her biscuits, rolling her another doobie, etc. After she had finished and Granny was once again in a semi-comatose state, Shaquanda put on her best Faerie wings and flew off into the land of Jersey (As all fine ladies do.) Once Shaquanda had landed where she had decided, well, 19 feet away from her destined landing point, she came upon a young man named Ampersand, and he said unto her....

To Be Continued...


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