Sunday, July 19, 2009

1 am again, and I'm going to get Thor to post soon... I hope

Once upon a time, there lived a very perverted potato. He worked in an office, and try as they might, the management could not get the very perverted potato to stop his perverse ways. They tried showing him sexual harassment videos, but they just gave him ideas. They tried giving him a stern talking to, whilst throwing in a few "shame-on-yous" for good measure, but he still patted the female potatoes on their eyes. Granted, the exposed eyes were tempting, even for the gay potatoes, but still, such behaviour has no place in the office. The management wracked their brains to try to find a solution, for they did not want to fire the very perverted potato because he always brought the chips to the office parties.

But lo and behold, an idea came unto the management like an angel as it sits upon the porcelain glory of the heavenly toilet. They lured the very perverted potato into the office of a particularly attractive manager, and when he came in she sliced him into many pieces and fried him into crisps.

Moral: If you are a cannibal to start with, it's very easy to solve your problems.


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