Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Feeling Rather Verbose Today.

Due to the fact that I am feeling quite verbose today, I have decided to bring, for your viewing pleasure, another story.

Random Story #Eleventy-Billion
Once upon a time, In a magical land lived a happy bunny. The bunny was quite happy jumping about in the forest, and even had a girlfriend, who he reproduced with quite frequently, as bunnies will do. One day, this bunny found that one of his children was Black, which was odd, because mummy and daddy bunny were both sea-foam coloured. This disturbed daddy bunny so much that he tied his ears to oxen that were running in different directions, who promptly tore them right off for him. Split him in half too. Actually, I dont think that he did this because the baby bunny, named Persnickity, was black, but because he was on so many different types of medication that it really buggered up his brains... no matter though, hes in a heap of compost now... anyway... well... Blast... I cant remember what I was... oh yes, so anyway, Persnickity had no daddy, and it turns out that dear old mum got eaten by the big, pink hairless things that come around every so often, so Persnickity readied himself to venture out into the world, quite alone. He hopped over to the big field and was promptly torn to shreds by the plow that one of the big, hairless, pink things was driving.

The End.
Moral: Bunnies are expendable.


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