Monday, June 12, 2006

The Godfather

This game took 10 hours to beat all of the missions. Just the missions. It is amazingly good once you get past the controls. The only thing is it is somewhat easy to beat. Fans of the movie should definately buy and casual gamers should go jump off of a cliff because a casual gamer is an oxymoron. You are either a gamer or you are Jack Tompson (Who needs a good colonic irrigation). But I digress. In this gem of a game you are able to make your own character (mine looked alot like Tim Curry... I figured this out after 2 hours of play) and interact with all of the characters from the original Godfather film. But this is not some crappy movie game where if you have seen the movie you can beat the game easy. So much of this game is original and plays like an extension to the movie.
Graphics: Lovely. Dosent even have the crappy arm through closed door thing and the enviroments are great only thing is some things are too generic. 9/10

Gameplay: Missions and extortion is very well done. No lag or boring spots. Tension is always abound. 10/10

Sound: Some sound bytes are used WAY too often but the use of sound from the movies is great. Sometimes the music changes abrubtly and is distracting or confusing 7/10

Overall: Highly recommended 9/10

This game has won the following Random Story Teller Awards.
The Spastic Penguin Stamp of Approval
The Wet Pants Award


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