Thursday, May 18, 2006

And so youre back from outer space

One day Thor said to In Heaven They Watch 24 (who shall be hereafter refered to as Sir Lord Arch-Duke Covington so as to shorten this post.) Hey it really sad that we havent been on the blog in a while, at which point Sir Lord Arch-Duke Covington said yeah we should really get back on. Then they both forgot for the next Month and went on with their lives. SUDDENLY! something happened but no one cares, anyway now I, Sir Lord Arch-Duke Covington, will attempt to bring this blog back to life. *Waves hands* POOF! Oops wrong spell, unless I, Sir Lord Arch-Duke Covington, want to be called Lady Lord Arch-Duke Covington. Lets try that again. POOF! Much better.


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