Saturday, February 11, 2006

Wasted Space... On the Ceiling :o

Take a quick look at your ceiling. Do not tell me what you see because I really couldn't care less. However you should care just think of all the things you could keep up there, now I know what all the kids out there are thinking, "Yah there is a lot of wasted space but hat space is one of the only parts of my room that I don't have to clean." (For all the kids out there that have to wash and dust your ceiling before your parents think your room is clean I feel for you.)
This wasted space is know scientific as... Big Empty Space on Your Ceiling (BESY-C). (Thor and In Heaven They Watch 24 are not responsible for the time you waste trying to find this scientific community that actually dose not exists. Thank You.) BESY-C, is the leading cause of death in America today, you may say that you have never heard of this on the news. (First of all you need to understand that the news will not tell you every thing, because I know that the news did not tell you about this blog. Second...) it's the government they are being paid, by the housing company, t o keep this information under wraps. (Thor and In Heaven They Watch 24 are not responsible for those of you who believe that the government is hiding this "fact." So don't blame us.)

~The fat, old, crazy, hanging from his ceiling guy.

*All the thing you have just read are fictional and have no standing in a court of law. Thank You.


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