Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The Taming of the Poo (Random story 6)

Once upon a time a little boy named Hermie, which is a stupid name, was walking in the woods. As he was walking by, enjoying the fresh smell of his mother-in-law's underarms, the saw a small brown object. "What could this wonderful and amazing object be?" he wondered as he bent down to pick it up. As he held it close to his face to look at it he wondered, "Why does it smell so much like my grandpa Ingrid?" Enraptured, Hermie took the poo to his house and put it in a jar with holes poked in the lid so that it could breathe. He asked his mother, "What is this strange and wonderful lump, mother?" His mother just said, "Why Hermie! Thou hast captured the wild and illustrious Poo!" This made Hermie feel all warm inside, kind of like his poo. Hermie and his Poo lived happily until one day when the Poo started making strange noises. Hermie tried everything to help it feel better, he gave it Nyquil, he read it a story, he even gave it mouth to mouth recessitation, but nothing worked. After two days the Poo started to open, Hermie was so surprised. When the poo cracked fully open, out stepped who else but Donald Trump. The Donald and Hermie skipped merrily into the sunset and discussed the reality show deal and movie rights.
Moral: Dont play with poo that has bad hair.
~ Signed, the guy who just got back from work and has no idea how he wrote this


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