Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Some Time (Random Story 10)

Some time ago three guys were eating pizza one said to the others that he was a girl in another life. The other two quickly told him that he was insane and that if he were gay he should just tell them. The first guy was astonished and thought he would soil himself on the spot, instead he stood up took another bite of his pizza and went to the pool that was just across the road. However he never made it he got hit by a car "J-walking" but he was OK. About that time his friends ran up and laughed at him in the middle of the street. Just when they stopped they got hit by a car too and they flew about two feet away. THE END.
~Moral: Onions are not good on your breathe... and laughing at people is not nice, you could get hit by a car.
*If anyone happens to be laughing at anyone and you get hit by a car the people who write this blog (In Heaven They Watch 24 and Thor) will not take responsibility for you standing in the road in the first place... your you getting run over. Thank you.

-The crazy old fat guy who now lives in a cave with all of his 3,256 friends the bats.


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