Friday, February 10, 2006

Random Bable #1

Pickles make me happy, pickles make me smile with glee. Pickles are not so romantic because... they're green and have funny little bumps on them. Green cheese is that color because it is enviouse of the blue cheese, at one time he was blue cheese until he became enviouse of the other blue cheese because it was blue. Course this poses the question of why he was enviouse of some thing he already had. It's because the other blue cheese was hording all the magic blue food coloring (for all the infedels out there, magic blue food coloring is the food coloring that turned all the blue cheese from white cheese to blue cheese).
Hey are you listening to me... no your not you have stopped reading (imagine that I can yell at you through the internet and through your monator) Wake up and come back... hey I said come back... come back... come back.................

~the fat, old, crazy, I live in a jar with holes poked in the top, guy


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