Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Goober Butterflies (Random Story 3)

Once upon a time there were four dancing singing butterflies but they were all goobers. Why they were goobers you ask? I dont know and I really dont care. But one day they were sitting together talking about thier philosiphies on life and they decided that they would get on the internet to look up how to spell philosiphies because I sure cant. Any way one of the butterflies decided that the bug zapper was the internet and the mighty powers of Thor (king of lightening) kindly turned him into a pile of ashes. Then the next butterfly thought that the garbage disposal was the internet and the mighty wraith of blades chopped him into quacamole. The last two decided that a political speech was the internet and the dumb powers of American politics made their heads explode. Moral: The internet sucks.

~ Your friend the singing dancing onion man who really dosent know how he came up with this.


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