Friday, January 20, 2006

First things first. A rather odd introduction.

I'm a really fat old guy... I don't like kids and pickles give me gas. When I throw up it is yellow. Pizza is a curse on the world's childeren because they turn into someone like me. Your all a bunch of fat old guys (even the girls).
If you believed anything you just heard get off now... are you off because if your on the wrath of Thor shall kindly turn you into a pile of smothering ashes.
Now if you believd any of this you have more problems than me. So tell me about anything I will try to write it in another blog at some later time. is my e-mail don't crowd me with e-mails to fast. Thankyou.


Blogger Thaddeus Deimos said...

They say men are more dangerous drivers than women, hence women get cheaper car insurance in the UK. I propose that women are actually more dangerous.

The reason men have more accidents is because of the indecision of women drivers, e.g. 'do I have enough time to pull out of this junction?' (looks both ways, looks in rear view mirror, looks at self in rear view mirror, looks both ways again). 'Ooh, that car is a bit closer now.' (edges out and looks other way, stops as just noticed another car, decision time, decision time DECISION TIME!!!)

Is that the sort of thing you're looking for?

1:10 PM  

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