Friday, January 20, 2006

Crazy woman drivers!

First Thad. considering that I think you live in the UK I am in the US so now that we have that stay in your lane.
Second would have to agree with you girls just take longer at stops and places like that they just get lucky when it comes to driving and when getting into accidents. Guys like to go out and dominate and show what we are made of. SO we push our selve to the limet and curse who ever thought up the stop signals. I have a twin sister we are entering our third year of having our permits and they are about to expire (not that that matters to you) she is crazy, insane, at first I was scared to ride in the car with her (a fear of which I am now over) she has gotten better at this whole driving thing (thank heaven). Any Who as long as I don't get behind them on the road I couldn't care less.
As for the whole thing about car insurance it's the same way over here, I don't like it now but as long as I am a good driver and i don't get caught speeding I can live with it... and it will get lower.
Your friend the Cranky, Old, Fat Guy


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